My Son ‘s Question – Manolo´s Words at Taste of Hope Charlotte Gala

The opportunity was to serve dessert at the Taste of Hope Charlotte – American Cancer Society Gala with Chef David Burke. It was a fantastic night for the Bakery, but the moment to remember most was when Manolo gave a remarkable speech remembering his father, who died from cancer.

By Manolo Betancur – Sep-30-2023

My Son ‘s Question.

Before I give you the description of the desserts, I bring you a little speech.

This is my son’s question.

Father, do you think people are becoming more human or inhuman in this world?

That was my son’s question just a couple of days ago.

My son is 14.

My answer: Son, please never lose faith in humanity.

Please do not let the noise of bad news affect you.

Good people are always the majority and we need always to be part of the good side of humanity.

Thank you.

Tomorrow when my kids wake up, the first thing I will do is show a picture of all of you 400 people, believing and working for humanity.

Eight years ago, on a September night like this, the doctor told my father he had liver cancer.

Two months after that news, he passed away.

Cancer took away part of my heart. It took me away from the most kind and lovely person, the one who taught me how to teach my kids to believe in humanity.

My dad is here tonight, as are many of our loved ones.

I love you, dad.

Thank you, Chef David Burke, for empowering our Manolo’s Latin Bakery desserts and Artisan Vegelato. By allowing us to be beside you, it’s an honor to be at your fantastic creations. 

You are an example to follow, and your innovation and legacy will be impossible to measure.

Thank you. Thank you, Joyce, for taking the risk to believe in me and creating this special moment for us.

Thank you to the American Cancer Society, Taste of Hope of Charlotte, and the Charlotte Health Equity Fund for all you do.

Thank you to Ramiro Meneses, Colombian film actor and MasterChef celebrity, for serving with our team tonight.

Your life and movies taught me everything is possible.

Applause to all my teams and all the chefs and people in the kitchen, please.

If it weren’t for them, not happy bellies tonight.

Finally, thank you to my dear wife, my very half.

Her fingers burn off all the candy shells that you have been making.

¡Love you!

I’m finishing these words with the ending of the conversation with my son this week.

Son, remember what people say, the only thing necessary for triumph or evil is for good men to do nothing.

Thank you, dear friends, for doing something about it.

Humanity is winning tonight. Thank you so much.

Enjoy the desserts.

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