We are a purpose-driven Brand

Our bread, our people and our future, are all connected. That’s why we are a business with social actions for the benefit of local communities, ideals, and global human interests.

We care initiative

Homeless are neighbors

by immigrant hands


Manolo´s Bakery is the first Latin Bakery in Charlotte, NC.

Since 27 years we are making bread every day. And great cake too! Such as our famouse Tres Leches Cake. But what we are most proud of is helping to create a community all these years in North Carolina, USA.


Who is the Founder

Manolo Betancur, Owner of Manolo´s Latin Bakery and Artisen Gelato, is a Colombian-born American Idea Entrepreneur. Manolo is a man who achieved his local dreams in his first life in Colombia and came to the United States to conquer the American Dream in his second life.

And he did it with honors too.

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