Manolo Betancur, from Manolo’s Bakery, returns to Ukraine during the week when the war completes two years. The World Bread Hero 2021 will carry the aid that his friends in Charlotte helped to collect. 

Help for the organization that cares about widows and children who have lost their husbands and fathers in the war. 

Help to continue expanding the impactful work of the bakers and their communities in Bucha, sharing bread and hope.  

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Charlotte, North Carolina Jan 22, 2024. Colombian Born-American Idea Entrepreneur Manolo Betancur, winner of World Bread Hero USA 2021, will be in Bucha Ukraine from February 18 to 25 of 2024. For the third time he will deliver the humanitarian aid (The We Care Initiative) he collected, inspired, and achieved thanks to the generous donations of clients and friends of Manolo’s Bakery in Charlotte, United States.

Before his trip, Manolo Betancur said there are three reasons to revisit Ukrainian people: “To tell them that they are not alone, that we have not forgotten them, and that we bring them to embrace, help, and hope.” 

The first reason is: “The war has not stopped; it has intensified. There is internal migration, more children without parents, more widows, more hunger, and more poverty, so they still need our help, bread, food, clothes, warmth, hugs, and prayers.” 

The second: “Because now there are more wars in the world, more conflict, and many people are forgetting about Ukraine. 24 February is a date the people of Ukraine will remember two years of  pain that started with the invasion of Russia. I want to be with them on that day,  and I want to speak to America and the world from there, from and for Ukraine.”

The third: “There is already a bond of brotherhood and affection, there is already an emotional bond, I already know where I am going, and in many aspects, I am more relaxed, less afraid. We are doing a long-term and more impactful job in this community of Bucha, Ukraine.”  Said Manolo Betancur, World Bread Hero 2021.

Call To Action: 10% of all sales of King Cake Mardi Gras Cake will be donated by the bakery, and we invite every one to help us by buying at Manolos Bakery or donating directly to our Pay Pal and credit card campaign:  

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Achievements of the two trips:

Good news! The New Bread Distribution Vehicle Is Working: We are pleased to announce that the van for bread distribution is working well and significantly impacts delivering bread and hope to communities far away from Bucha. It was a donation from the people of Charlotte on our last trip, but until now, we have been communicating that this is a real help achieved by the donations. Under the circumstances of war, a new and practical car was a logistic difficulty that was now well overcome. (Visit Media Assets)

Following your heart and taking your donations to so many people with love is meaningful to Manolo Betancur. “I thank the donors in advance for believing in me; during these first two trips, we have directly donated $18,000 US dollars and indirectly inspired close to a million dollars in aid from our friends of Myers Park Methodist Church. Thanks to you, friends, I will have the opportunity to find myself again emotionally after the last trip when I felt broken, lost, and unable to get up after all that I saw. It is comforting that neither you nor I have forgotten the people still suffering from the war.” Said Manolo Betancur, World Bread Hero 2021. 

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Collective donation: Manolo collected $8,000 for the first trip and $10,000 in the second one. It happens for two months before visiting Ukraine, by holding different community events accompanied by clients and friends who contributed to collecting aid. He also created breads, like Kinks Cake, donuts, and King Cakes (Mardi Gras) that evoked the Ukrainian flag, through which he also raised much of the money.

Two Ovens: The people of Charlotte now donate two ovens in Bucha, in the Bakery Хатинка Пекаря, a heroic one near Kyiv. It is a solution to create jobs and hope and produce more and better bread. One is built over an old Russian camp to symbolize the fight for freedom, and the other one is fixed to have Two functioning well.

Go deeper: https://manolobetancur.com/with-your-donations-we-help-built-this-wonderful-oven-in-ukraine/

Hope Messages Plan Continues: The purpose of the trip also includes delivering messages of encouragement written in letters by American children to Ukrainian children. to transmit a message of hope and confidence in a better future to Ukrainian families.

The World Bread Hero USA 2021 will also give special aid recognition to fellow bakers in Poland and Ukraine to support the heroic bread production of his colleagues, especially in Ukraine.

Making a Community that cares: Creating the We Care Initiative, Manolo also believes in teaching kindness. We are humans no matter the country or the distance there is always someone we can help and at the same time make community.

We effectively spread the word: Kindly many local media have covered our trips, helping us spread the word in our community of donors, but also, another international media has followed our work, for example cable news in Europe and Latin American Media.


Charlotte Observer:


Axios Charlotte


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El País (40.000 views video on the most relevant news paper globally in spanish) 

Among Others, link: https://manolobetancur.com/manolo-betancur/

Manolo will be available to help the media who want to have a vision before the trip, on the ground, of what is happening and the humanitarian work that is being carried out. 

About Manolo Betancur: https://manolobetancur.com/  Manolos Bakery: https://manolosbakery.com/

About the World Bread Hero Awards: Baker who rose from hardship crowned Bread Hero of the USA. The winners of the Bread Heroes campaign by Tiptree World Bread Awards USA supported by the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE)  were announced on Wednesday November 3, 2021 in a special online awards evening, celebrating the incredible endeavors of the bread

community. The Overall Winner was Manolo Betancur of Manolo ‘s Bakery in Charlotte, North Carolina. Manolo, who came to the USA 20 years ago with very little money, a handful of clothing and no English, has worked hard to rise from washing dishes to today owning a thriving bakery business. Link: https://manolobetancur.com/world-bread-heroe-usa-in-the-news/ 

What Manolo’s Bakery does In Raise You Up / We Cake Initiative-Cake Project


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