You are the cherry on Manolo’s cake—some words to say thanks.

By Manolo Betancur

As it is happening to me, I am sure you are getting a lot of emails about Thanksgiving day, and it is that time of the year, and so on…

I really hope you are reading it. I don’t want you to skip it because the following words are coming from my heart.

This Thanksgiving – the word- Gratitude- has a more significant meaning to me. It has a bigger meaning because if it weren’t for many people like you, I would not have been able to support all the people We have supported this year. 

Unknown children and my kids came together to bring me their art draws or tiny (huge) savings for the children of Ukraine. With the help of people of backgrounds- races- cultures, we delivered a lot of love, hugs, and financial support to Ukraine. And more than that is giving hope to them and a message to the world. 

-Counting my own words, “If I baker from Central Ave can do this-Imagine what you can do- Imagine what WE can do.”  

It was not Ukraine only- it was Colombia too-. Because of your support, we could support three different idea entrepreneurs in my birth town.

We still, as always have done- keep donating OUR most meaningful cake- The Raise You Up Cake. Every other week we celebrate our neighbor’s birthdays.

We keep helping schools, universities, and many non-profits.

In special thank you to my wife- she is the one who always pays the price- if it weren’t for her support- I wouldn’t be able to share my heart with the world.

And as I started this writing, I did not want this email to be one more Thanksgiving look-nice email. 

Thank you so much for believing in me and being part of my life. 

Big Abrazos, Manolo.

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