With your donations we help built this wonderful oven in Ukraine

New Oven at Xatuhka Nekapr (The Bakers House ). Ukraine.

This is the result of your donations at Manolo´s Bakery.

We all helped build this wonderful oven in Ukraine.

This bakers at Xatuhka Nekapr (The Bakers House ) engaged in the heroic act of keeping the community unity through bread and resisting the invasion.

This is part of the work we did on our trip to the Polish-Ukrainian border last month, thanks to the generosity of so many friends and customers of Manolo´s Bakery in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“Good morning from Xatuhka Nekapr. (The Bakers House ) Ukraine.

We would like to thank Manolo´s Bakery for donating this new oven. Right now we are making fire to dry, it’s not still operating for baking bread, cause it is new and we need one or two weeks of drying it until we can start baking here.

So big thanks!  

Xatuhka Nekapr (The Bakers House )

And the next thing we’ll do… we were need to remake this old oven, because it’s very old and after the war and all the explosions it starts cracking here and here. So we will need to remake it, right here you can see one brick fall so we all need to start making new one”.

Xatuhka Nekapr, Ukraine.

Thank you all, we are still helping if you one to join.


By Manolo Betancur / Manolo´s Bakery

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