What can we do for the Ukrainian people?

I have been thinking all day long what can I do for Ukraine?

From here in North Carolina what I am capable of doing, and this is what came to my head: 

First action to take: 10% ten percent of all my King Cake’s sales will go straight to this organization in Ukraine. 

Vet Crew Leonid & Valentina Stoynov Instagram: @vet.crew )

Second action: Every single Ukrainian family that lives in  Mecklenburg county who has a birthday during this sad time can have a cake for free in my bakery. (Free cakes for them)

The only thing that they need to do is to show up and say I am from Ukraine. 

I would rather for them to send the cake’s money to their families and friends than spend it in my bakery.

Third action: Tomorrow, We will be designing a cake with The Ukraine flag’s color. Any one who buys that cake will be donating all my net profits from that cake to people in need in Ukraine.

Fourth action: This is your action too. I invite you to share this message to any bakery in the world and let all us bakers and no bakers do simple acts of love and compassion for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. 

We- people of the world- can’t keep waiting for somebody else to act. Just PLEASE spend a minute of your day thinking What can I do for Ukraine.  


Manolo Betancur 

Manolos Latin Bakery www.manolosbakery.com

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